ATTENTION DAY DREAMER, A follow-up article on Knaladeus



Knaladeus – ‘Attention. Day. Dreamer (A.D.D.)’ from his album FILL GX-D

What is it like for an artist to make music against all opposition? When you have a big family that keeps you busy, you go through tough times financially, and you don’t fit in with the mainstream and what’s in? What is it like to struggle with a common mental disorder that keeps you off task?


Knaladeus answers a lot of these questions in the video Attention Day Dreamer and more on his latest album, FILL GX-D. He attempts to break down the complexities of being an artist while dealing with struggles of fitting in what Hip Hop puts him in. He talks his love for his family, losing friends, and trying to gain notoriety in a game that is set on him changing who he is while still just trying to share what he believes.

In a bold move, he works with Daniel Steele, a producer with credits such as Andy Mineo, Devin Morrison, a producer who now continues to make an influence in the Hip Hop music scene in Japan, and SoyisREAL, a producer that also directed and shot this music video. He creates music that shares a story on how even when it really doesn’t feel good, you persevere and continue to make music from the soul.

fill gxd

Click here to listen to FILL GX-D.

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