“They polluting all the air waves,
While y’all reaping all the backlash
Just breath it in, my new fashion is a gas mask”- Knaladeus , “Persevere”  Soul Portrait

murdocOrlando’s underground music scene is often referred to as the “OZONE”. Ozone Effect is blog devoted to sharing the impact emerging artists have on the Orlando’s music scene, the community, and the world. The gas mask is a symbol used to represent indie music how you can avoid the noise pollution of pop culture. Survival of the independent artist. Creating culture through their music and starting a movement with their art. We are the Ozone Effect.

You can continue to get updates on local events and continuous free promotion of local music by getting your own Ozone Effect shirt. Represent your city, your artists, and your music.


100% Cotton Heavy Weight Tee

Regular Fit

Color: Black with White Design

Limited Run

We chose to partner with TheHumbleBrand.com because we believe through humility, we can achieve unity in our community. Unified we can reach higher heights. Be HUMBLE, Live Bold.

Click here to get your own Ozone Effect Iconic Tee.



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