Palmer Reed


“I blend elements of singing, rapping, and playing guitar in my set, so 9 times out of 10, I’m bringing something different to the show. I guess, I fit in by standing out.” Palmer Reed expressed.

Palmer Reed is an emcee, singer, producer, and a true musician. Born and raised in Orlando, FL, he spent most of his summers in Michigan with his extended family.  Growing up in the 90’s with boy bands and pop culture in Orlando to then visit the hood  of Detroit was a culture shock  for him.

13493_10206862691236632_4987035800743536248_nHis parents influenced him with everything from AC/DC to Bob Marley. His parents wanted him to start early with music and he began playing the guitar at the age of 6 and took lessons for over 6 years. He wrote his first song in 5th grade, but began producing and rapping in middle school. He also learned the trumpet in the  middle school band, which was when he started to fall in love with making music. By the time he was in high school, he was playing at open mics around Orlando and blending all he learned while becoming a musician.

“I AM A NERD. LOL. But seriously though, I am a huge nerd.  I love anime and comics, and I even still watch wrestling.  I also talk a lot in different accents. I once went a whole school year in a super southern accent and had everyone fooled,” he joked.

BRANDED 4.29.16

He came onto the Orlando music scene late 2008. Over the years, he learned a lot about how the music industry works opening up for artists like the Isley Brothers at the Zora Neale Hurston Festival in Eatonville. One year he played over 150 shows. Frankie Beverly & Maze, Morris Day & the Time and Keith Sweat are just a couple of the big names he had the pleasure of opening up for. Playing all of the major venues in Orlando, he has developed an eclectic fan base.

“The hardest thing, I think I have had to get used to is the fact that my city gets overlooked.  There are super dope artists from Orlando that have the talent to make it to the big leagues, and there are a few that have taken steps toward the next level, but as a whole, we get seen as lesser compared to places like Tampa or Miami. Orlando definitely has a lot to offer,” he confessed.


He has dropped singles like “Changes” and recently, “Smart”.  He hopes to make statement on the music industry and not just a genre. His music shows his versatility.

“I feel I hold the characteristic of not limiting myself to a box.  A lot of artists say they aren’t in a box, but the music doesn’t show it.  I have written all types of music from Hip-hop to Country. Creating outside your box, opens your mind to new elements to incorporate back into your own unique sound,”he admitted.

FullSizeRender1He has worked with NIKO ISPhraydoe PeansCity Tucker, and collaborated  with multiple local and national artists. He is a triple threat to the music scene and provides killer performances that always leave you satisfied after his sets.

Check out more about him at All of his social media is @palmerreedmusic. Find him at these links:  Twitter Instagram  YouTube Soundcloud Facebook Tumblr


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