Quality Control 6.11.16

Quality Control June

Quality Control is back and with a great mix of Hip Hop and musicians. Andrew Fray has put together another great summer night.

WordChemist from Beer Money  Untld just released his new EP, Binary Project. He will be bringing that and some classics.

Metane is no stranger to the local scene. Another emcee setting the positive vibes of the night. Check out “Upward Feeling” his latest single.

Gabriel Garcia skilled singer and keyboard player with smooth unique covers. Orlando native spent some time in Lakeland as an SEU Singer and is back to kill it at Quality Control.

Louie Dagger of Sound City is a pianist from Gainesville, FL. He is nasty on the piano and keyboard.

We will have a beat set by Knaladeus. We had him out as an emcee and you will get a taste of his production.

We will have your new summer wardrobe provided by KULT, The Humble Brand, and newly printed OZONE EFFECT Tees.

House Vibes with Andrew Fray.

Come out and break bread with us.


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