Donny Blanks





“The way you make it, is to be your own self,” pointed out Donny Blanks on creating new music.

tumblr_nx5lipwvwr1qfem30o1_500Born and raised in South Georgia, Donny Blanks grew up with a single mom and a big family. Throughout his life he has rapped, but started recording and performing in 2011. He began performing in a Hardcore band, but as the scene changed, he made the transition to just rap.

“I just want to end up being great in producing and rapping. I just want to see how far I get but even if its not that far, I’d still be making music,” he remarked.


tumblr_n4ftk7tgXm1rd605ko1_1280Recording from his home studio, He has comfortably worked with some this city’s best up-and-coming artists and producers including Alex BeanoChase Aaron, Zu Haven from HFP, Blue November from Left Field Theory, Moody Green,  Skyxxx from Swamp PosseNative Feel and  B8TA.

“Whenever I perform its killing everyone on sight. I’m cool off the stage but when I’m on it, its beast mode,” he boasted.

IMG_2352Working with different artists and producers has opened up different venues for him to perform. He has performed recently at the Bernie Sanders Festival in the Milk District and at Family Reunion in BackBooth. He rocked with The Left Field Theory at Spacebar for First Fridays by Heavy Crates. His performance at Bullitt Bar was shut down by the owner because his crew’s performance was “too rowdy”.

“For a genre being so young, it expanded very quickly. It has a lot more room to be creative. And what do I think of music on the radio?  Complete s**t,” he commented on Hip Hop.

His new project “Bishop” was released in March 2016. The project includes production and features from Mondrian Loop, Blue November, and JAKE$AND. The project has  a tough and uncompromising sound on with gritty lyrics and beats. Fans of Odd Future and Tyler the Creator will enjoy this project.


Follow Donny Blanks on Social Media:

Twitter/Instagram: @DONNYBLANKS



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