Ace Beretta

“With my music I choose to use the negative things that happened to me to show that anybody can make it out,” admitted Ace Beretta.

ace pic2Marquis Jackson is a 19 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur from Wichita, Kansas. On stage, he is known as Ace Beretta. He started Field Music Entertainment with his brothers in Wichita. He started rapping at a young age, but has taken the stage in Orlando to find his voice and premier his music.

“I first attempted to rap in the fourth grade. My oldest brother had borrowed a friends hard drive when the Xbox 360 first came out and it had like nothing but instrumentals on it, ” he explained.

Ace Beretta and ProducersFlorida is where he met most of the artists and producers that pushed him to work on his first solo project. His first mixtape, “Field Music”, with his brothers got great reviews. He recorded his recent project at Trackset Recordings. Working with his engineer Steve, he has been able to collaborate with multiple producers. Getting energy from the studio, He has worked with and will be releasing tracks with Kountdown, SirRil, Marz Ink, and Madness.

“I still appreciate Trap music, but I don’t think it serves the purpose the world needs right now. I am not trying to be that guy who preaches in his lyrics, but I come from a certain part of town where I know that their minds are getting corrupted by what they are listening to,” he remarked.

ace sxsw picOut at SXSW, he opened for Z-Ro. He’s not gassed up by the lifestyle of rapper and wants to connect with the audience. At his shows, he is reciting lyrics while making direct eye contact with the crowd and focused on turning the negative into positive. Not in it for groupies or to party it up, he wants people to get to know the real Ace Beretta.

“I always catch an old head in a interview saying Hip Hop is dead, but I feel as if they cant blame anyone but themselves because THEY are the ones who signed these artist, THEY are the ones who made it okay for certain things to happen in this industry,” he commented.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.05.53 AMIn the process of finishing his recent project his EP, “Jordan of My Generation”. He is focused on painting imagery in his music and bringing real lyrics. He continues to work to build a music industry foundation. Studying songwriting and business, he focuses on bringing music that people can relate to and create a professional mark with his music.

“Timing is everything, when you hang around people who have blown up or currently blowing up in your face you start to ask yourself ‘when will it be my time’ and the first thing you have to teach yourself is patience,” he reassured.

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Instagram: @Ace_Beretta


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