Quality Control 4.9.16

Quality Control April 9th

Quality Control April brings an amazing night of Hip Hop.  Andrew Ramos has collected together another great night of artists. Get to know the Orlando’s music scene through a night at St. Matthew’s Tavern.

Blue November from The Left Field Theory recently signed to Bany Records.

Colby Stiltz is no stranger to the scene. Relocating from Vermont, bringing his boom bap to Orlando.

Indigo Prodigy who was featured on TheWordisBond.com.

“She is a passionately natured young woman who answers to the sobriquet ‘Indigo Prodigy’. Growing up near the Glenwood Houses development in Brooklyn, New York, she declares music as being her savior. Her style described as Neo-Soul R&B or even Hip-Hop Jazz.”

Revel will be bringing live art.


We will also be celebrating the “(D) Pack” project release by resident B 8 T A.

The Humble Brand will be bringing some of there new spring collection.

As always, join us for a special evening.

Come out and break bread with us.



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