“As a youth, I was always involved in the culture. Whether it was messing with my dads DJ equipment, after being told not to or break-dancing on cardboard boxes, and from the first time I heard that Sugar Hill Gang record, I’ve been in love ever since. I was beat-boxing  trying to rap, if it was Hip Hop it was me all the way,” shared T-REXZ.

Trexz promoT-REXZ was born in Dorchester, MA, Boston’s largest neighborhood. Born to parents, father from Bajan and mother Blackfoot Native American, who were both big influence on his music. His father was a DJ who played a lot of soul and calypso music, but introduced him to a wide range of music.

Influenced by Run DMC, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, OutKast, and Michael Jackson, T-REXZ feels these artists have impacted him because they speak on real life issues that impact the world around us.

“A lot of today’s music has no purpose and it’s driving our people into a black hole. I’m here to wake people up and enlighten them that we are a real culture so let’s keep it real,” voiced T-REXZ.

T-REXZ has opened up for OutKast back when he was in high school. He has remembered rocking some great shows locally out at The Social, recently club VAIN, and has show coming up in January at Bombshell’s Tavern. He recently helped DJ at The Scene III at Venue 578.


“My goals for the future is to give people what they been missing, life in music, hope, a message to inspire people to be greater. My personal goals is to get into fashion and acting,” he shared.

T-REXZ has been working on his next project entitled PREHISTORIC. He is focusing on being true to himself in his  music and has always focused on the conscious side of music and being lyrical with his content. 11412328_1457727244525703_369739595741900690_n

“Hip Hop is in a state of emergency and It needs rescuing. We need to get back to the essence. Hip Hop has been commercialized and it’s leading people to walk around blind. Music is a very powerful tool and it can be used in the wrong manner.  I think we need more positive messages flowing through our speakers and into our kids ears.  The powers that be controls what gets pushed through the airwaves and the tubes.  Once we realize that power belong to the people we can change that together,” he remarked.

He is currently working with J-None from American Idol. On his most recent project, he features a Grammy-Nominated producer, Anthony “The Twilight Tone” Khan, and is working with Dirty Bakerz which have worked with Nappy Roots and Lords of the Underground.  He is also going to be   dropping video from his followup album entitled “Black Gold”.Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.33.51 AM

“The hardest thing to get use to in the local scene is the lack of support. People can come from another city and get more respect and support from the locals.  I would love to see more unity, strength in numbers.  Can you imagine if all the local artist hit the like button on a post or a song, how those numbers would generate a buzz for the city.  That type of support doesn’t cost a thing. Hopeful thinking , but i’m keeping my eyes on the prize.  I’m very happy with the new team i’m working with and my future is looking brighter. I feel blessed,” he expressed.

T-REXZ will be live Sunday, January 24 at Bombshell’s Tavern.


Find T-REXZ online at:









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