“I honestly don’t think I fit in the industry…I just wanna bring the essence of passion back to the table,” shared METVL MOUTH


Born and raised in Orlando, METVL MOUTH recalls growing up in Pine Hills, FL. His parents were both African American and Haitian and remembers growing up listening to Gangsta Rap, Jazz, and R&B. As a young producer, he has found most of his inspiration in other local artists  working with, Blue November and Alfonso X. img167

“My main goal with my sounds redefining a culture you know? My homies as well influence me in ways undeniable, like they keep me alive (Literally) without them cats, I wouldn’t be expressing myself the way I do. Blue November, B8TA, J.Robb, Illfigure, Alfonso X, Zae The Philosopher, ANDRE, NELSON, Solis, and Lauren Truee. Remember these names mark my word,” he shared.

U9toyqTT.jpg_largeInfluenced heavily by J. Dilla, Madlib, Ohbliv, and Mr.Dibiase, he has worked with Solis, NIKOis, KashGotHenny, Blue November, CAPRIISUN, Zae The Philosopher, ANDRE, Riian Raquel, NELSON, and others yet to be released. Below are some tracks from his Soundcloud.

METVL MOUTH is part of a larger collective called The Left Field Theory. A group of emcees and producers including B 8 TA, Andre, J.Robb, illfigure, Alfonso X, Blue November, Zae the Philosopher, Lauren Truee, Solis, NELSON, and METVL MOUTH. The Left Field Theory is centered around the thought that one can self elevate and manifest dreams into reality as well as connecting the right mass of energy into a whole entity.

They have created a unique sound that tests the limits of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and gives you a more nostalgic feel production, but innovative with sound bites and uncommon samples.

“Man, Hip Hop today is very much alive, I don’t think it could ever die out. It’s the passion that keeps it real and very blissful. That’s the essence and as long as myself and The Left Field Theory is still working here in Florida, we keeping it alive, word up,” he regarded.

img160He has been apart events like Enosite show @ Blue November’s Crib which was one of the best nights this year, Moon Landing at Spacebar, LABWRK & NIKO Is Live in Concert show presented by Jagermeister.

“I honestly don’t think I fit in the industry. I’ve heard from a few local rappers tell me that my sound just isn’t the sound, but you know some say otherwise, lol. I do plan on changing a lot about the industry cause man f**k this industry, I’m doing this s**t to get a lot off my chest and show that whatever you put into the atmosphere you will get in return ten fold maybe you know. I just wanna bring the essence of passion back to the table,” he voiced.

When he is producing he uses Ableton and his MPD32, he searches for the best samples. Using the MPD32, he finger drums all of his drums and samples. Below are some his most recent tracks and samples.

He is currently working on a double disc beat tape entitled “FEELS GUUD?” Also, He is working on a project with The Left Field Theory no details on a release date just yet.

“I’m just keeping it me, just doing my own thing, not ever really looking back just on to the next and I guess the way I sample is just off the wall, I don’t really care for much attention in the industry, just wanna be felt,” he sighed.

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Upcoming Show for METVL MOUTH



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