Casey Conroy

“I have always been very close to my family in Ireland and we visit often.  I think the Irish culture, European culture in general, definitely effected me creatively. The market for art over there is so amazingly creative and different. There is so much authenticity in their art and lots of uniqueness that I have always really admired,” shared Casey Conroy.

CASEYCASEY CONROYCasey Conroy is the alternative pop artist that has been bringing authentic music to Orlando with her creative covers and recent EP. With an eclectic sound influenced by Coldplay, Phil Collins, Adele, Stevie Nicks and Kimbra, She brings an genuine experience as she has been writing songs from a younger age.

Born in New Jersey, but heavily influenced by her father’s Irish family, She draws inspiration from her father who is a musician as well. She learned to play piano and started writing songs at the age of 13.

“I started playing music because my dad is a musician and so it was always around in the house and it was just this unexplainable thing I always connected to. I think I just always played it because it felt right and made me happy and then one day I was like ‘Hey, maybe I can do this for real!’,” determined Casey.

She hasn’t always been confident. It actually took a lot of practice, hard work, and like most musicians to take that first step to conquer her stage fright. Only in the past three years, has she overcome any extreme stage fright.

“Until about 3 years ago, I had never really played music in front of people before and I was terrified of it! When I first started getting into the local scene everyone was so willing to just get up and play all the time and I was like ‘OMG, how are all these people just playing in front of an audience like its nothing?!’  It took me a couple years to really fall in love with playing live. Now, it’s like my favorite thing in the world,” commented Casey.

IMG_1232She can also take pride in the team of world class musicians that she has surrounded herself with. This dream team consists of John Samson on the drums, Willy Colon on the guitar, and Rob Bradley on the keys. All are well known Orlando musicians who each in their own right have traveled playing music with other artists all around the world. With this team, they help create lasting memories at each show.

“We played in Tampa called ‘Rock The Park’ which was this outdoor event on a beautiful night and the stage was right in front of the lake with the city in the background! This summer, we played a show at The Venue and it was the first time we really put our brand on stage and tried out some new covers.  It was just one of those nights where things felt right,” elaborated Casey.

Casey on PianoShe has currently just finished her EP, Impressions in the Sound.  Available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Produced by Michael Cochran, the project was written mainly by her with help from her father. She is hopeful to become an established songwriter and a self-sustaining musician. She wants her career to grow as a musician cooperatively with her song writing.

Impressions in the Sound EP Cover

“I want to write music that makes a difference and I don’t want any limitation. There should be no limitation. Music is boundless.”Impressions” is the first of many sounds I want to share with my fans. I am only interested in being authentic and honest. I am only interested in writing and playing music that tells the stories I need to share. In the end, I want a sincere relationship with my fans – a relationship to remain for a lifetime.”

– Casey Conroy (Excerpt from her website)

11709583_10153198456024332_1555393264380319814_nCheck her out on all social media sites @iamcaseyconroy including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and on her website


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