Stefan Otto

Stefan Otto

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Born in Martinique, internationally-known emcee,Stefan Otto finds his home away from Madinina in Orlando.

Stefan Otto has been doing music for the past 15 years. Performing on stages with acts like Datin (God Over Money), BenJah, and Group 1 Crew, he has traveled the globe with his message of faith through songs about his life and relationships  with struggles and triumphs.

Born in Martinque, a French West Indian Island in the Caribbean, he was raised in Dominica, a neighboring island. When coming to America, He first moved to South Florida and it was in Miami where he discovered Hip Hop. As he got older his family relocated to Central Florida.

StefanOtto rocking the mic at Quality Control
StefanOtto rocking the mic at Quality Control

“Music is the way that I process. It’s very therapeutic to me. I feel like I can also contribute to the world around me, through it, while sharing a message from the heart,” shared Stefan Otto.

photo 1Growing up speaking French and Creole, Music has become his native tongue. Traveling to Valence, France, Johannesburg, South Africa, Kigali, Rwanda, and throughout the Caribbean to do music, Stefan Otto has been able to share hope through his music and inspire people around the world.

“Work hard at your craft. Put in hard work so when it is time to perform you can make it look easy.,” stated Stefan Otto.

His life experiences and work ethic has allowed him to be versatile while being authentic as his upbringing shines through genuine Hip Hop music.

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He’s got a show coming up on May 30th where he will be teaming up with the local community for 1st Annual I.M.P.A.C.T. Youth Fashion Show. I.M.P.A.C.T. Youth* is a group of young people, from adolescents to teens, who have made a commitment to promote change in the community.  In 2014, they assisted with delivering meals to needy families during holidays, providing the homeless with personal hygiene items, and providing uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies to underprivileged children.

He is currently working on a Music Video for his single “My Own Era”, a single dedicated to 90’s Hip Hop. While working on his next EP, he shared that he will be focusing on making “feel good music”.

“Put God first and when tough decisions come your way, you know compromising is not an option,” shared Stefan Otto.

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*Check out more about I.M.P.A.C.T. Youth Here


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