“It started off as therapy and now I live to perform and get lost in the music. I feel alive when I’m performing, cloud 11,” shared MoZaic.

IMG_3504Monique Lord known to most as MoZaic, was born in Orlando, raised in New York, and now Orlando is her home.

MoZaic is a nurse with a junior black belt in Okinawa Kenpo style karate. And when she is not sipping an ICEE or making bottle cap earrings, she is a one of Orlando’s most soulful musicians.

Learning music like most of us in elementary school, she considers herself a “recovering band geek”.

MoZaic at Quality Control

“I started with the clarinet. In high school I learned the soprano saxophone where I played in a jazz band. Also, I learned a little trombone. Started singing in church choirs at my home church in NY. I learned the guitar in college. It’s kind of always been with me. As an artist it’s been 6 years,” stated MoZaic.

Her favorite genre is Jazz, but growing up influenced by Hip Hop and Neo Soul in New York. A fan of Gospel singing in the church, and felt R&B was divine as a kid.  Secretly, a Rock star in her dreams and lover of Funk music, MoZaic has been influenced in all kinds of music.

“I love how music allows me to connect with people and allow them to not feel alone in their feelings. We’ve all been through something and no matter how far you get in life you have to remember there’s always someone that can be going through something. Society is so numb I just want people to feel me and the music. I live by ‘Feel me or Feel me not’ and been saying that for years,” said MoZaic.

She has been featured on SoulTrain as featured artist on their homepage. You can check more at

“What makes me different is that I promise to get lost in the music and most certainly evoke feeling from you. It’s a sensual and freeing experience when I’m on stage and I will take you with me if you let me,” shared MoZaic.

She has opened up for B. Slade, Maze, and Frankie Beverly. She was featured on an A3C mixtape called “The Joint” by DeadEndHipHop and Salem Psalms during this past A3C Hip Hop Festival.

“I stand out by doing one thing that’s pretty cool and just being nice to people in general. Also, I’ll be the kid making the funniest and craziest faces on stage. I’ll bend and sway. Bang the crap out of my guitar. Hit my mouth on the mic sometimes because I’m flying behind my eye lids. Scat. Just all of the above,” voiced MoZaic.

MoZaic has just put her second EP, “Unexpected Turns”, in November 2014. It’s available on iTunes and all major digital stores. She also put a short film for her new project as well.

Unexpected Turns
Unexpected Turns

She is collaborating within the Hip Hop community and working on new material for herself. You can keep up-to-date with all things MoZaic at

Check out her song “Blvd.” below:


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  1. Kristen ;) says:

    Go girl! WOO that voice!!!!!!


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