Soy is REAL

Soy is REAL
Soy is REAL

“I embrace my awkwardness. I don’t care about whether or not I fit in with what’s popular or trending. I make music I like and put it out there so others can enjoy it too,” shared Soy is REAL.

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Soy with the Bruce Lee Star in Hollywood

Born in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, local Filipino producer and emcee,  Soy is REAL is the one ordering “Dasani on the rocks” at the bar.

Rocking this month’s Quality Control, Soy is REAL brings back music for lovers of Boom Bap and the art of sampling.

Soy is REAL started doing music in 7th grade about 14 years ago. Getting his nickname “Soy Sauce” from middle school racists in pickup games of basketball, He overcomes any awkwardness by embracing it and goes by “Soy”.

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Record diving.

“Yeah. Rap nerds are the worst. I just wanna get the word out about that. If someone tries to have a conversation about the rap game with you just play dead right away,” stated Soy.

Soy has been a b-boy (break dancer), knows how to tag and do graffiti, worked with DJs, has produced beats on computer and his Maschine, and has even rapped on several projects such as his group project with Angelica Maria, The Do Gooders, “It’s Always Sunny in Freaking Florida”. He embodies the five elements of Hip Hop.

Soy has one of the best ear for drums I know! I learned a lot from him by listening to his production,” shared Knaladeus.

Musically influenced by his father, Soy is a master at finding the right sample to get the crowd hype and still find a sample that can evoke emotions of love and hope.

“If it wasn’t for him (his father) I wouldn’t love it as much as I do now,” stated Soy.

Soy on his Maschine

Soy has been out of the picture as producer, but only because he has been serving as an Air Force Reserve member and was even deployed to Afghanistan. Now, He’s back. He still has a busy life, but is never too busy to do what he is passionate about.

“I want to prove to people that you can flunk out of college and still be a Mutha Effin’ champion of life,” stated Soy.

Currently working with different emcees on different projects, Soy has worked. with Knaladeus, Shinobi Stalin (OverLordz), DJ Sureshot, Crescendo, King’s Offspring (Free Daps), BrownStudy (Frank Rose), Sean J,  Acey Wasuto, and the list goes on. Music has even been featured in Simply Clean videos.

Soy has rocked shows locally and recently was a part of For Your Soul 7 and Rawcore Hip Hop Showcase. He’s been creeping back onto the scene by dropping Penguin Files Vol. 2 released Super Bowl Weekend.

“I’ll also be slaying the mic at your auntie’s karaoke house party all day everyday,” shared Soy.

Come check him out live at Quality Control and check out more at

Follow him  on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @SoyisREAL.


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