Quality Control Update

If you missed Quality Control on 2/21, you missed a great show. We’re back again with a brand new edition of Quality Control on 3/21.

With resident Ze’ Brainchild, we started out Quality Control with a nice vibe with throwback Hip Hop and Ze’ Remixes.

Ze' Brainchild and Mondrian Loop
Mondrian Loop and Ze’ Brainchild

StefanOtto opened the night with fierce lyrics. He premiered some of his new material that he’s been working on and new single “My Own Era”. It was a Quality Control Exclusive and now available on SoundCloud.


Mehsi representing Setgang South set it off with a live performance showcasing his multi-syllable rhyme schemes.


Rubox took us on a journey with his beatboxing. He brought us back with his “5 Elements of Hip Hop” where he breaks down the five elements with storytelling beatboxing. He also brought along a turn table, guitar pedal, and vocal effects machine where he blended all the elements.


Mondrian Loop was able to start beat cypher with Ze’ Brainchild. The producers had great chemistry and they represented their bigger crew, Dust Heavy Collective.

Mondrian Loop
Mondrian Loop

Joining the beat cypher was local emcees and producers who grabbed the mic. Jay Mobb came through to show some love on the mic and promoted his “Wild Style” Beat Set coming up 3/23 at Austin’s Coffee. Some other local emcees and producers who showed love was King Carlow and Crescendo.

Coming to Quality Control 3/21 we have an all-star lineup.

Quality Control 3-21
Quality Control 3-21

We have the music styling of MoZaic with her soulful voice and lyrics to set the mood for the night.

Emcee, Knaladeus, will be performing with his golden era of Boom Bap Hip Hop. His new album, Soul Portrait on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soul-portrait/id970173252

Alex Minor, Ozone Veteran, will be rapping with tenacity and it is always a live performance.

J. Terra bring only the dopest rhymes and as always a Quality Control Exclusive bringing some of his new music of his new project.

Soy is REAL will be chopping up the beats and bringing a dope set and share some beats from his new project, PFV2.

Hosted by Rick Rude and resident Ze’ Brainchild, don’t miss out on another FREE DOPE EVENT.

Come out and break bread with us.

Past Artists:

Rubox– https://soundcloud.com/ruboxmusic

StefanOtto– https://soundcloud.com/stefanotto

Mehsi– https://soundcloud.com/mehsimusic

Mondrian Loop– https://soundcloud.com/lewpzz

Dust Heavy Collective- https://www.facebook.com/dustheavycollective

Upcoming Artists:


J. Terrahttps://soundcloud.com/jay-terra

Alex Minorhttps://soundcloud.com/alexminor


Soy is REALhttps://soundcloud.com/soy-is-real


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