It’s Tuesday night and you want to go out and have a good time, but don’t feel like  going to a movie or a crowded club. You want something with depth and great music. Forget the re-runs. The Revolution will not be televised. You need to check out Respect The Mic. The Revolution is here.

For the past two years, Leon E. Orange Jr., also known as OrangeIsMedia, has put together an open mic event known as Respect The Mic.

Respect The Mic meets every Tuesday at 8pm. Recently, it has found its home at Loud 360 Gallery and was previously hosted at Café Annie in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

“I decided to put this event together because I am a fan of art and creativity and I didn’t see an outlet that combined a lot of elements that I was a fan of so I created one,” shared Orange.

Influences to the open mic night are Def Poetry Jam, Button Poetry, and local open mic night at Austin’s Coffee (featured earlier in The Ozone Effect).


Respect The Mic provides an outlet for Spoken Word Artists, Singers, Emcees, Poets, Comedians and Musicians. With their live host  and a live band, you will never forget what’s going on, on a Tuesday.

“What makes Respect The Mic different from everyone else is our diversity, what makes me different as an artist is that there isn’t anything I won’t give a chance. I am constantly looking to create and innovate,” said Orange.

Respect The Mic has got a lot of attention from bringing acts like RaOndria, E-Knok the Poet, Andrew Ramos, Madd Illz, Crescendo, and Rubox.


The event brings a great vibe of unity among different styles of art. Artists bring  profound, gritty subjects to the microphone as they share pieces written beforehand or freestyle live from all different perspectives. Be prepared to broaden your mind.

Eddie Figure
Eddie Figure

Orange plans to make it a weekly episodic series. Below are some of the most recent YouTube episodes.

You can find out more at RespectTheMic.com.


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