Spotlight on Orlando’s Emcees with Shinobi Stalin

“Beer, Blunts, Classic Boom Bap, Metal, Video Games, Anime, and Your Mom,” stated Shinobi Stalin , when asked what influences his music.

Shinobi Stalin,  a member from a larger crew Vets of Kin, has been a major voice of local Orlando Hip Hop for the past decade.


Shinobi Stalin, WordChemist, Unique Assassin, and DJ Stranger are some Orlando’s finest emcees and DJ in the Hip Hop scene.

Born in different places, but joined by Orlando’s Hip Hop Scene, These emcees have been the go to team for music that has influenced sound of Orlando underground Hip Hop.

Shinobi Stalin
Shinobi Stalin

Shinobi Stalin was born in the Bronx, but raised in Orlando. He grew up skateboarding and surfing.

Unique Assassin
Unique Assassin

Unique Assassin was born in Chicago, but also raised in Orlando. He is a hockey player and inline skater.

WordChemistWordChemist also born in the Bronx, and was raised in New York until moving to Orlando. Interesting fact, He is a fake left-hander.

DJ Stranger
DJ Stranger

DJ Stranger was born in Guatemala City, but was raised in Orlando. Also, He is an artist who drew both Shinobi Stalin’s album covers, Unique Assassin’s “Who is UA” project, and Vets of Kin  member Mygrane Mcnastee’s “Return to the 13th floor” cover art.

Orlando has been home to them rapping collectively for the past 15 years.  Unique Assassin and Shinobi Stalin have been rapping together since middle school. DJ Stranger has been deejaying since the mid 1990’s.

“We are  rap and that is hard to find nowadays. We are 100 percent honest about our lifestyle and music.  We make joints we like to listen to there is thought about if it’s going to work on the public. It’s our art, if you chose to enjoy it awesome, if not we are all good,” shared Shinobi Stalin.

Shinobi Stalin just released his album “Invisible Man” in 2014 featured on this blog as well.

“We have opened up for Wu-Tang, The Clipse, Nappy Roots, and Krs- One, as members of our larger crew Vets of Kin. Also have opened for Lord Jamar, Nine, King Magnetic, Jus Allah. So many shows, it’s hard to remember we are old.”

Local venues like The Social have hosted packed out shows and all of the members have been constantly doing shows all over the city. Consistently, they have been dropping new music for Hip Hop heads everywhere.

Project “OverLordz” featured producers Robot Oxford, Tony Blare, Reeplay, and Shinobi Stalin. Nine brand new tracks from Ozone’s Hip Hop Veterans.

WordChemist and Unique Assassin will be releasing solo projects and surprise projects throughout the year.

Check out all the links below and get more acquainted and up to date with all the great Hip Hop they have put out over the years.

Vets of Kin-

Shinobi Stalin-


Unique Assassin–

DJ Stranger–



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