“I won’t do myself or my team an injustice by wasting the energy of my pain on nothing. I’m going use it to fuel some of the greatest music I’ve ever made,” said E-Turn.

Eliza Azar Javaheri, also known as E-Turn, was born in Norman, OK. She moved to Florida at 3 years old. Her Iranian family influenced her with cultural music at a young age. She has a powerful voice choosing to both sing and rap.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mother and father are singers and my grandfather is a poet. My father also plays a Persian drum called a “Zarb” and my mother plays the guitar,” shared E-Turn.

Dreaming for her to be successful with music, her dad gave her a karaoke machine at 8 years old which became her first outlet to perform at family parties. He would bring out the karaoke machine and ask her to sing in front of everyone. She was nervous, but excited at every opportunity.Eturn_CD-sleeve_print_1

As she got older, she started to listen to more Hip Hop. Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Nas and Freestyle Fellowship, she started writing her rhymes at 12 years old. A bit of a troublemaker, her rhymes were her way to express herself.

“So I started writing rhymes. I specifically remember one of my first raps being written in ISS (in-school suspension) when I was in 7th grade. I passed it to one of my homies to read and he said he liked it. I’ve continued ever since then, with my singing and with my rapping,” said E-Turn.

E-Turn and DJ SPS
E-Turn and DJ SPS

Formerly known as Eternity, E-Turn has taken the scene by storm. Her connection with DJ SPS and their unique styles blended makes for sound that is well-crafted and gritty. A sound that is reminiscent of 90’s Hip Hop with fierce punchlines and DJ cuts.

When asked why E-Turn does music, she said:

“First and foremost, because it feels good. It is my way to unload stress. I believe music is a universal language and it’s a way for me to relate to people. I believe music is extremely powerful and has healing abilities. I’ve always been a very caring and emotional person and I hope to heal people with my music.”

Now, nominated for both “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” in the 4th Annual AZ 1 Awards, and “Best Hip Hop Act of 2014” with DJ SPS by Orlando Weekly, She is an established artist with a passion that shows in her concerts and recent Extended Family Tour with Grind Time Now CEO Madd Illz.ETURN LOGO

She has won two recent performance battle competitions. Last June, She won “Stage Wars” a Grind Time Now event with the assistance of DJ SPS. At “Stage Wars” She competed with 16 artists in tournament style elimination with 4 rounds. This past January, she took home the “Fat Gold Chain” in a solo performance from Swamburger’s “Fat Gold Chain Chronicles”. At “Fat Gold Chain Chronicles” she competed with 3 other artists with two sets in with the allowed time of 20 minutes. This was an opportunity to rock 3 songs from a select producer to show 3 different rap styles which were showcased on a slow/mid-tempo beat, a fast beat and a 6/8 beat. She got cash prizes for both and competed against Orlando’s top emcees.

“I went against one of my most favorite emcees in the world, Qwel of Typical Cats and Qwel & Maker, and it was not only an honor to compete against him but an even bigger honor to take the win,” shared E-turn.

Dark Trust, Available Now

Working on a new album with DJ SPS, She is going to be performing at SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

“I am finishing up recording another record with DJ SPS entitled “ESP”. “ESP” is another name our group, E-Turn & SPS, goes by and how the name came about as well as how the concept of the album came about is the fact that we both believe music is our sixth sense or a form extra-sensory perception if you will, a way to communicate through a different medium than in regular conversation,” shared E-turn.

You can stay update on all things E-Turn at www.eturnmusic.com.


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