2015 Super Bowl Weekend

Hard not to be excited, but between Quality Control, Superbowl, and the release of PFV2, this has been an amazing weekend.

No better way to enjoy your weekend than a show with NO COVER. Quality Control was an experience I will never forget.

St. Matthews Tavern opened their doors to the Ozone Effect. We brought you the musical performances of up-and-coming artist, Andrew Ramos, veteran Datin, and Table for Three introducing a well-blended mix of Hip-Hop that gave the crowd a refreshing dose of music for people who know better. Hosted by Rick Rude and House Band performances by Evan Taylor Jones.

Opening the night with a beat set by producer Ze’ Brainchild, He reintroduced the audience to classics. Ze’ Brainchild woke up the crowd with remixes to classic songs like “Forgot about Dre”. The crowd didn’t know what was coming.

Hosting the night Rick Jones a.k.a. Rick Rude brought an energy that ignited the crowd. He introduced his brother, Evan Taylor Jones, Central Florida’s Soulful Singer, making sure we were acquainted with a voice that comes from the heart and soul. Evan and his guitar woke up the crowd with the cover song “Ordinary People” by John Legend.

Nobody was ready for Andrew Ramos as he performed a set with Ze’ Brainchild that woke up the crowd with a live performance that got people out of their seats and even performed a remix to one of his songs from the Appetizers project to a Flying Lotus track.

Veteran Datin, representative of God Over Money, was able to bring bar after bar with punchlines that had the crowd feeling like they were back at 106 and Park on a Freestyle Friday.

Datin from God Over Money
Datin from God Over Money

Table for Three brought the crowd closer and closer as they performed. With ill rhymes and double time rhyme schemes, they urged the crowd to get out of their comfort zone and join them with a night not soon forgotten.

Table for Three Jamar X, Sean Shakespeare, and TKO

After the emcees killed it, Evan Taylor Jones brought us back with “Let’s Get it On” originally by Marvin Gaye.

“Let’s Get It On”- Evan Taylor Jones

If that wasn’t enough, Ze’ Brainchild closed the night out with an open mic for emcees to his beats. This allowed the audience to be a part of the show and provided the chance for emcees to show some love on the mic.

We want to thank the crowd, friends, and family that came out and showed love to the event.

Continue to show love and support to your local artist!!! 

Besides Quality Control, Super Bowl, and the ridiculous play by the Seahawks, Soy Is REAL dropped Penguin Files Volume 2 at http://www.soyisreal.com/

Show some love and listen below:

Please check out your local artists from Quality Control at:

Ze’ Brainchildsoundcloud.com/b8talabs

Andrew Ramosandrewramosmusic.bandcamp.com


Table for Threetableforthree.bandcamp.com/

Evan Taylor Jonessoundcloud.com/evan-taylor-jones

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming shows!

It is official Quality Control is Orlando’s New Monthly Hip-Hop Showcase.


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