Last DOPE OPeratic Shows at Peacock Room

“DOPE OPeratic was a monthly Hip-Hop showcase that shed new light on emerging talents, known local heroes, and national and international artists, while paying homage to the genres Hip-Hop hangs on; Soul, Funk, R&B and Classic Breaks

For the digger and those that just dig it…”-Chris “DJ’Cub” Mendez

Being able to perform at one of the last shows was an honor and seeing such great local acts come through felt led to shed some light on some of the events that DJ’Cub was able to put together. DJ’ Cub with the help of OUR Show was able to run this monthly event for 2 years strong.

It’s hard to keep an event going, especially keeping a consistent venue open and just want to make sure events and venues like these get recognized. On behalf of all the Artists and fans, we appreciate the commitment of the coordinators of these events and promotion of local radio shows.

If you haven’t been able to come out to the Orlando scene here are couple shows you missed from beloved Peacock Room (which has recently closed), for DOPE OPeratic (Warning: Explicit Content):

Video Courtesy of OUR Show- Orlando HIPHOP’s radio show Sat. 5-7pm | WPRK 91.5FM | shouts – requests – freestyles – 407.212.SHOW (7469) NOW on Stitcher Radio


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