Orlando Rocks! July 27th Show

Orlando is home to plenty of great local venues, but when you are a rock star, coffee shops, clubs, and lounges won’t cut it.

Walking into Downtown Disney and House Blues sign greets you.
Walking into Downtown Disney and House Blues sign greets you.

House of Blues Orlando offers a bigger venue and invites everyone in the Disney and Orlando area into the perfect size venue to host a bigger crowd. Located in Downtown Disney, the stage has been shared by many of the great artists and musicians of our time. Also, the stage invites the next big names from within its city with the concert series called Orlando Rocks!. Orlando Rocks! held at House of Blues is one of Orlando’s music events for all types of music. They have Country, Latin, Pop, and Rock editions. The bands get their chance to promote their band and give out free tickets to all their fans, friends, and family. The tickets are $5 at the door, so grab a ticket if invited. The Rock event on July 27th featured 4 great local acts: W.E.R.M., Empire Theory, Stockholm, and Lovestruck Robot. “W.E.R.M. was awesome! Crazy on stage and had me laughing throughout their set. They had the crowd pumped and ready for more! Great opening act and definitely started the night to an awesome night!” shared local fan, Joshua Stultz.

W.E.R.M. Soundman's eyeview
W.E.R.M. Soundman’s eyeview

W. E. R. M. stands for When Everything Really Matters. W.E.R.M. is a hard Rock, Alternative, and Dubstep band. They have four members which include Clayton Sturgeon on vocals and guitar, Zaylien Swor as DJ that adds the electronic vibe, Chris Clark on guitar, and Nate Mullins on the drums. Their style has gotten them noticed by Universal Republic/Rock Shop Music Group and the band has been signed recently thanks to their CEO Jeff Blue, who helped create their unique sound. They are now working with Dan Gilmore who’s worked with artist like Linkin Park and 3 Days Grace. “This next song is called Higher, We all know that means. It’s about Jesus. So everyone take out their Jesus and roll it up!” screamed Sturgeon.

W.E.R. M.
W.E.R. M.

Their performance was electrifying and they had great crowd control. They performed songs off of their latest project which they just finished recording in Los Angeles. The band commanded the stage and woke up the crowd for Empire Theory.

Empire Theory
Empire Theory

I covered local band Empire Theory earlier in my blog. This five piece band rocked the crowd and took us on journey with their music. They sang a new song for the crowd from their upcoming project, no release date set yet. “I recorded their cover of Bittersweet Symphony. I’m so glad! I can’t wait to relive it again and again and again! They’re musical geniuses!” belted local fan, Trudy Healey. The band stole the spotlight with an orchestrated, acoustic piece built into the center of their set. The bassist pulled out a cello and guitarist took out his violin. The band also incorporated musical breakdowns where the pianist switched to using a cajon, rhythmic instrument that brought out cheers from the crowd. They set the bar pretty high for Stockholm.


“The lead vocalist has such a great voice and the band really commanded the stage. They looked like pros and brought so much energy. They really looked like they enjoyed what they do and brought the crowd onto the same page,” commented local fan, Nelson Cortes. Stockholm started with four friends with new editions in recent years. Chris Arter is the front man of the band and classifies the band as Rock, Indie, and Ambient. This five piece band is one of Orlando’s best indie bands playing recently at Florida’s Music Festival. Their sound is comparable to U2 and Coldplay, but the lead singer has a unique voice. They released their new EP, Emerald City, that evening sharing with their fans one of the most memorable shows and performances. They performed new songs and fan favorites which left Lovestruck Robot in charge of taking us home. Lovestruck Robot brings the energy from their lead singer/songwriter, Jace Magee. Their sound is Pop, Rock, and R&B. Magee was an opening act on tour with Hall & Oates years back. When he moved to Orlando from Oklahoma, he brought the band together. They recently made Sirius XM “Top 20 on 20” and have had over 500 spins landing them in the top 10 for their song, “Do it all for the Dream”.

Lovestruck Robot
Lovestruck Robot

They switched up the vibe and brought a hype performance that got the guys and girls to the dance floor. Magee brings a mix of Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine (Maroon 5) style vocals with a live band that is on point. The band sure knows how to command a stage . It doesn’t hurt to have infectious lyrics. “My wife won’t stop singing “I wanna be in a band”. She sings it in shower and hums it all over the house. Now, I’m stuck at work singing it in my head!” said local fan, Bryan Dreggors, who attended the show. Jace Magee wooed the ladies with his rendition of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thick. This band really showed off their talent and really knew how to get the crowd involved. They really were the best to close out the night and actually made you wish there was more. image Overall, the night was a success with a packed floor and bands making and meeting new fans.  I will be posting up a gallery of photos. If you want to know more about these bands, the band’s info is listed below. Each band brought merchandise. Stock up on your local artists!

W.E.R.M. Merchandise
W.E.R.M. Merchandise




Twitter/Instagram- @WERMBAND

Empire Theory Merchandise
Empire Theory Merchandise

Empire Theory




Twitter/Instagram @EmpireTheory

2013-07-27 20.25.26Stockholm



Lovestruck Robot Merchandise
Lovestruck Robot Merchandise

Lovestruck Robot




Twitter @lovestruckrobot



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