Empire Theory

These cyclists need to stay in their own lane. Be careful when driving past them, they might be the next best band on your IPod.

Empire Theory Photo by Zero Dark Cinema

Empire Theory, a pop/rock band formed 2 years ago, has taken over the Orlando scene.

“In this world that we live in we set up all these empires like school, work, career, ambition, money, financial status, mansions and cars, all great things in it of themselves, but when measured up to what truly matters like love, loving unconditionally, and changing the world around you, end up just being theories. A theory is something not proven and that doesn’t withstand the test of time in the end,” shared Sebastian Zaldibar, lead vocalist and guitarist about what Empire Theory means.

Their influences are the Beatles, U2, Muse, Coldplay, and MuteMath. Still, each of the members brings a unique vibe to the group.

Empire Theory by Zero Dark Cinema
Empire Theory Photo by Zero Dark Cinema

Sebastian met bassist, Abel Aponte, in a church band. They also met percussionist and back up vocalist, Jeremy Haynes, and worked on worship and Contemporary Christian music at their local church. Lead guitarist and violinist, Dave Oakley, was also a good friend of Sebastian and was the first one in the thoughts when putting this band together. This wouldn’t be possible if Abel didn’t find drummer, Matt Sparks on a  Facebook page, “Drummers for Jesus”. The band has also bonded cycling as a hobby.

They realized they wanted to create a sound. Would they stick to church music or step out the four walls and pews and take on a bigger project, the world? Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (MuteMath, Mirza Zaza), their new producer, gave them that option when they came to him for their first project.

Empire Theory Photo by Zero Dark Cinema

They chose to go a different route from what they were expected by their family members and church friends.

They had a rough start working on their project because it was out of their comfort zone. Their different backgrounds in soul, rock, gospel, and latin music has brought a sound for all ages. They blended a unique sound with infectious lyrics and melodies on their project, Colors EP, which is available everywhere music is sold digitally. This project brings out a nostalgic vibe of a group that should be playing stadiums.

One Love Concert Photo by Chris Mercado

They played in local venues like The Social, Backbooth, Natura’s Café, Austin’s Coffee and Film, Hard Rock, and Club Firestone. They were recently part of Recording Academy’s selection as an uprising artist for Florida’s Grammy Showcase. Also they were selected as semi-finalists in the Hard Rock Rising competition.  Their music is featured in different ads and is being played on local radio station WPRK 91.5 FM. They want to go beyond the music.

They are believers in the idea that being a world changer starts with one person and continues to spread to others. That’s why they have set aside proceeds from their shows to Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls is an organization that fights poverty by bringing shoes, clothing, water, and food to impoverished countries all over the world.

Being in a band has taken a lot of time and compromise. They owe a lot of their success to being able to hold each other accountable and relying on each other. They thank their wives and loved ones for their support for all of the late nights out for studio time, band practice, and shows.

They strive to make music that feels good.

Empire Theory Photo by Zero Dark Cinema
Empire Theory Photo by Zero Dark Cinema

“Their luscious lines and infectious beats hold a stronger purpose than to solely make you dance. Their seamless blend of thought-provoking lyrics and musical chimes aim to construct a path allowing music to precipitate social change, bringing attention to the issues that confront us as a society.”- Empire Theory Band Page.

Their next show is at the Orlando’s House of Blues for Orlando Rocks! on July 27th  doors open at 7pm and tickets are available for free if you contact them online and $5 at the door. At this show, they will debut their newest song.

You can follow Empire Theory on Twitter and Instagram @empiretheory and like their Facebook page. Their bandpage is http://www.EmpireTheory.com.


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